In trying to achieve excellent learning and knowledge in Windows Vista, it is best that there is a learning that is geared towards blended programs.  The blending of different methodologies can invariably help a learner achieve higher retention rate in as far as sharpening the knowledge is concerned.  

Windows Vista is one of the most advanced and highly complicated operating system to understand and comprehend.  This is due to the newness of the software that generally of the users are not aware of.  For this reason, it is best that if you want to achieve better learning on Windows Vista, a deep understanding and thorough investigation on the content of the module should be made.  There are expected skills that should be earned when you study a program.  These expected results should be properly disclosed and explained to the learner.  Below are some of the usual contents that are seen on a Windows Vista program:

a.    The proper way to install and configure Windows Vista on a system.  This is being supported by knowledge on how to upgrade from a lower version of OS to Windows Vista.  
b.    The proper way to perform and execute clean installation of the operating system to both an old and new system.  This will enable the learner to determine potential dangers when the other installation process is done and performed.
c.    The proper way to upgrade from the numerous editions of the Windows Vista.  These editions are just so different with one another that requires separate installation processes.

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