One of the best ways to prepare for the CCIE exams is to take their practice exams. The CCIE certification exams are highly technical in nature and only those who are quite adept to its specifics are expected to pass. Hence, it will be good for interested IT professionals to have a glimpse of the CCIE certification exams by means of the CCIE blueprint.

Just as it is with interior design and architecture, the CCIE blueprint is also the structure in which the CCIE certification exams are founded. Nowadays, the CCIE itself issues accredited CCIE blueprints to help test takers prepare for the exam day itself. But it should be noted that the CCIE blueprint does not contain the exam items itself. It only helps the test takers narrow down the aspects in which they needed to review on. More than anything else, a CCIE blueprint can be considered as a study guide.

Generally, the CCIE blueprint comes out in an outline form. It gives the test takers a series of topics which may very much become one of the foundations of the CCIE certification exams. Some of the general topics include Bridging and Switching. This is especially about the relaying of IPs within the Cisco system. Another topic which may be included in the CCIE blueprint is the IP IGP Routing. This usually covers topics which talks about the system routes within the whole network. QoS or Quality of Services are also one of the main subcategories which can be found within the CCIE blueprint.

The CCIE is composed of two different exams. The first one is a written exam which aims to gauge the test taker s technical and theoretical knowledge of the entire Cisco systems. This is a typical pen and paper type of exam composed of multiple choice questions. On the other hand, the other exam is a lab type of exam. In here, test takers are subjected to situational simulations where their actual skills in terms of troubleshooting a Cisco network will be gauged.

So while you have the time to prepare, you should definitely look for the best CCIE book to help empower you through the whole ordeal. Getting a CCIE book is not just for purposes of exam preparations. It can also help you boost your career when it comes to performing Cisco functions as it provides you with in depth knowledge and serves as yur updated Cisco manual.

The Cisco Press themselves publish a CCIE book which contains updated information regarding the Cisco systems. They also provide discounts for those who are already CCIE certified yet they wanted to purchase a newly published CCIE book. The books being published under the label of CCIE are often designed to fit the exam blueprints of the CCIE certification exams. However, there are also various handbooks and manuals which are always updated for the new innovations being done to the Cisco program. There are also paper dissertations as well as paper printed materials being offered under the name of CCIE. Just as a typical CCIE book is up for purchase, so are these dissertations and paper prints.

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