Given that Apple is a stable market leader, ACSP certification seems like a really good long-term career investment


This past August (2012) Apple was stealing headlines across the globe, but not because its latest device or product release. Instead, they were being awarded a very rare distinction, which of course was being officially recognized as the world’s most valuable company. Sure, holding such a title throughout the duration of one calendar year is certainly a great achievement, but (following the release of the iPhone 5) Apple is now actually being touted as the most valued company of all time.

Now, it should be fairly obvious that these types of rallies don’t last forever; eventually Apple stock will shrink or take a hit somewhere down the line. However, given that Apple is in fact a bona-fide market leader; it makes sense to align oneself with them, especially if you’re involved in tech and/or IT.

This of course brings us to Apple’s ACSP certification program. For starters, ACSP stands for Apple Certified Support Professional, and those holding the certification should have an excellent grasp of the Mac OS X operating system. What makes the ACSP such a solid program to pursue however, is the fact that it is a solid entry-level certification that is versatile and extremely useful. An Apple Certified Support Professional can troubleshoot, manage important services, and basically assist OS X users when it comes to maintaining and utilizing their systems.

Why do you need the ACSP certification, exactly? Needless to say, if you find yourself surrounded by Apple products and users on a regular basis, it might be a good idea to familiarize yourself with the finer points of the technologies which are driving these devices. If you’re employed in IT, you probably encounter Apple products all the time (if not in an official capacity, then on a personal level); ergo, it only makes sense to know use and service them, at least from the perspective of software. Surely most businesses and employers wouldn’t be opposed to having someone around who truly understands how to deal with Apple-related problems either. In fact, if there is a fairly significant number of people using Apple gear at your place of employment (which is very possible), it might even be noteworthy selling point in terms of your usefulness and overall career track.


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Chances are, we’re going to continue to see an increased proliferation of Apple devices, so get used to it. However, this isn’t a problem; it’s a big opportunity for those who understand technology and the dynamics of the market. The bottom line is that one should always try to align themselves with companies, products, and ideas that are long-lasting. For example, if you were going to sign up for cloud computing service, which might entail a lengthy and involved transition / process, you wouldn’t want to choose an unreliable, fly-by-night provider, would you?  Of course not, doing so puts the stability of the IT department and its assets at risk and could cause significant harm to the entire company at large. Well, the same line of thinking applies to personal certifications. In other words, it’s always a good idea to stay connected with what’s at the forefront and seems to have the most ‘staying power’. In this way, you’re virtually guaranteed to have a greater number of useful certifications under your belt and at your disposal should internal strife arise in your organization.

Even those who aren’t chasing a traditional IT career will find certifications like ACSP useful in their career pursuits. With such qualifications one should be able to land a solid tech support job with virtually any sizable company; assuming that they have other positive attributes to bring to the table, of course. Likewise, it’s pretty much a given that an Apple Certified Support Professional is a prime candidate for a career in Apple tech support or as an ‘Apple Genius’.

Increased competition and economic uncertainty is making life more difficult for career seekers, having an ACSP certification is just another way of expanding one’s options. Those who are particularly proactive will find that such distinctions can make all the difference in the world when it comes to landing a career and maintaining it.

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