Go Global with Thomson Business Intelligence

Like other business intelligence providers, Thomson Business Intelligence is geared towards provision of relevant information to better come up with well placed strategies and wise decisions. Its focus is giving tailored information when just when users need it.

Its thrust however is not merely focused on one industry alone but on several, if not all industries. It services not just the financial sector but also the legal, health care and even science.  In pursuing this endeavor of providing appropriate business intelligence to various sectors and industries, Thomson as a company provides several solutions specifically to cater the specific needs of each.  And it is comprehensive in so far as providing not just company or local market data but also global data as well.

Take for example Horizontal Global. This solution is offered to generic pharmaceutical companies and strategic active pharmaceutical ingredient companies. What this actually offers is an opportunity to obtain significant growth in the business. It does this by facilitating the company s chances for rapid test and exploration of business strategies new to them. It encourages for assessment of new opportunities, may it be on product development or partnerships. As a result, the company will be able to get supplies of active pharmaceutical ingredients faster and earlier than its competitors. This will give the company an edge over them. All of these, of course, are made possible through the unique and efficient business intelligence, the comprehensive analysis tools and the global coverage that Thomson provides.

Another product of Thomson is Market Research (Profound), which targets CEOs, corporate executives, marketing researchers and professionals and strategy planners. By providing global information, reports and forecasts, its users are empowered to make well balanced and well thought out decisions. With solid and well planned strategies, companies would surely grow and prosper. 


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