If you would like to enjoy the numerous benefits of obtaining a CompTIA certification, you just need to browse through the Internet and you will have a lot of free CompTIA tools that you can use. This certification issued by the Cohmputing Technology Industry Association is one of the most singled-out forms of certification because it is not vendor-specific. This means that the certification will be recognized by any type of company in the Information Technology industry, no matter which type of operating system or brand of computer hardware they are using. The basic role of CompTIA is to provide certifications to the professionals of the IT industry.

To prepare yourself for the CompTIA exams, you can take advantage of the following free CompTIA tools which you can obtain over the Internet. Start answering those objective-type exams using free CompTIA practice test exams.  You can see lots of examples of similar questions which might show up on the actual day of the exam. Free CompTIA study guides are also available online. It is also interesting to note that there are free CompTIA software which you can download, to serve as another form of study guide as you prepare to take the CompTIA certification exam. These practice tests, software, study guide and downloadable study materials are all available to you for free so that you can accomplish your goal of becoming CompTIA-certified. This way, you will have something to be proud of with your credentials, which should eventually lead to better career opportunities.

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