Google initially offered free applications for small and midsize enterprises. However, the Google Apps Premier Edition, which offers collaboration and management features, is meant to target enterprises of all sizes including large companies. This new edition is composed of basic suite online desktop applications that cost 50 dollars annually for each user.

What are the new features? Google steadily wants to transform from just a search engine pioneer to an Internet advertising and business application master. This is the reason why Google Apps Premier Edition was created. It added Google Docs and Spreadsheets, application level controls to Goggle Calendar, Gmail, Google Talk and Start Page applications.

Under the new Google Docs and Spreadsheets, enterprises can allow its many employees to work on the same document simultaneously. Moreover, revisions and edits can also be kept track. Application-level control features would also allow administrators to set limits on the documents shared inside and outside an enterprise.

Secondly, Google Apps Premier Edition is supporting the apps with a 99.9 percent uptime service-level agreement. Enterprises shall also have 10GB of storage per user and application programming interfaces. The latter would enable data migration, user provisioning, single sign-on, and mail gateway connectivity, which would enable the enterprise to customize their e-mail service.

The new features under the Google Apps Premier edition is believed to be the basic factor in attracting enterprises. If an enterprise would like to have basic business applications, spreadsheets, word processing and email service rolled in one application, then Google Apps Premier Edition is a good and practical choice.

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