They say that if you want to make it big in the World Wide Web, then you must know something about web analytics. The Internet world is very huge that is why you need to know how to manage your behavior online. Web analytics is just about that. It helps you know your standing and then you can make some improvements basing on the results to make sure that you are doing well in your page ranking and hits.

There are actually two types of web analytics – the off-site web analytics and the on-site web analytics. Offsite usually is the analysis of the web metrics that deals with the site that you do not own. It actually analyzes the opportunity, the visibility and the comments that are incurring in the entire World Wide Web. The on-site web analytics on the other hand is checking on the web measurements that deal with your own site. It checks the performance of your site with regard to its conversion rate, hits and other factors so that you can improve your standing.

If you want to be experts in web analytics, then as early as know you will need to familiarize yourself the terms that are being used. Some of these terms include hit, page view, visit, session, first visit, unique visitor, repeat visitor, impression, bounce rate, frequency and depth. Web analytics mainly measures the visitors that are dropping in to a website. Knowing about it always boils down to knowing the basic terminologies and definitions.

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