Google’s Open Social can be used to build widgets that can communicate with multiple social networks.  It follows the open source standards so the codes of the widgets will work on any platform.  

Through Google’s Open Social, you can create a small application that contains content on your website.  You can share this application on any social networking site that uses Open Social codes.  Your friends and networks on the social site can access this mini application to go to your website or to get updates from you.  They can also share this application with their own networks.

Google’s Open Social makes it possible for you to create a reliable marketing tool for your product.  The mini application can serve like a widget commonly used on networking sites or blogs.  If your widget is being shared by lots of web users, then more people can easily access your website.

The Google help center provides a detailed technical manual on how to use Open Social on your site.  You can find step by step tutorials on how to develop an Open Social code to create a mini application.  

The Open Social mini application can be hosted on your servers if you like.  This is optional because the mini application you can create will still work even if not hosted.  It can simply be deployed as a simple widget consisting of HTML codes.  This will spare your servers from heavy bandwidth demands if your Open Social mini application becomes very popular among many users.

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