While AdWords advertisers pay Google on pay per click advertising, Google AdSense allows website publishers earn revenue from their web content pages as Google’s place ads on their website.  Google pays publishers on pay per click and pay per impression advertising.

Google AdSense is free.  Google welcomes website publishers to apply online provided that program policies are complied with.  As a guide to website publishers and those who look forward on learning Google AdSense, Google provides help information about Google AdSense.

Google AdSense Learning Resources provide information as to how you would like your AdSense be on your website.  It can either or both AdSense for content pages and AdSense for search.  AdSense for content pages shows the ads within the content of the page as reader’s scrolls down the page.  AdSense for search on the other hand, provides website publishers to add a search box on their site, which will allow visitors to search and lead searchers to search result pages.  AdSenses publishers generate their earnings from the ad clicks made by user on the search results page.  Website publishers generate earnings when appropriate ads are added on your website.
Google AdSense Learning Resources also provides information on how to customize ads appearance on your website.  Google AdSense provides options for website publishers to choose the kind of ads to add on their websites.  Ads can take the form of text ads, image ads, video ads, link units or themed units.  The style of your AdSense search box or search results page can also be customized.

The payment system and how much a website publisher earns will depend on the how much advertisers bid on the publisher’s website.  Website publishers normally receive a portion of what advertisers pay.

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