On the right hand side of a Google Website Search Results under Sponsored links box are ads known as AdWords.  AdWords is Google’s main source of revenue.  It offers pay per click advertising and site targeted advertising both on text and banner ads.  

Advertisers display their ads on Google and pays Google only when people click their ads.  Google website provides learning resources to help AdWords advertisers, Google Advertising Professional or those who are interested in learning about AdWords.  It offers free training online both on multimedia and text lessons depending on the type of learning style learners prefer.

Google AdWords Learning Resources guides you on how to create ads and choose keywords related to your business.  Advertisers are guided on how to target the right user with the right content.  Right keywords will lead Google searchers on looking to make a purchase or do business with your company by clicking click your ad and learn more about your offer.

Advertisers can set a daily budget of spending to pay Google for AdWords.  Google AdWords Learning Resources helps advertisers provide keyword traffic and cost estimates.  In this manner advertisers are informed on how to choose right keywords and maximizing your budget.   With Google you only pay when your ad is click and not when your ad is displayed on Search Results.

Google AdWords Learning Resources provides advertisers guides on how to set your ads based on local and regional targeting.  These means advertisers should set their ads that they will appear only to people searching in a particular state, city, or region.   There is no point of paying Google for ads wherein people will find your product or service beyond reach.

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