Google stats are presented as Google Analytics. This is yet another free Google tool available for all webmasters and website owners. As what the name suggests, it is all about the statistics on website traffic.

Google Analytics allows webmasters to see a detailed picture of how keywords and ad campaigns are performing. This is important in making sure that the website is well placed. Through the stats provided by Google Analytics, webmasters can better make the websites visible and profitable. Less money would also be wasted on ads that are ineffective. Alternatively, these ads could be fine-tuned to make them effective in bringing in traffic too.

Google Analytics even provides webmasters and website owners stats about the visitors who go to the site and immediately leave. So if the site’s landing pages are inefficient they would know and they would be able to make adjustments. This way, visitors will be enticed to stay and browse around the site more. More site visitors will even be enticed to buy the products or the services offered there.

With all the details and all the information provided by Google Analytics, webmasters can be better at their jobs. The reports that the tool provides is detailed enough to enable webmasters to look into every small thing that affects site traffic. They are assisted by Google Analytics in bringing in ample traffic to websites. They are also aided by this tool to make sure that landing pages are entertaining and informative enough to make visitors stay on the site longer.

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