Decisions play a major role in operating a business. This is why informed decisions are really vital to ensure success rather than confusion. The same concept is applicable for the Internet as well as websites. And this is why information tool is really essential, especially when it talks about one’s own website.

One of these tools is Google analytics engine. This tool is easy to use and this provides web statistics for free. To those who are still unaware on how to use this tool, Google analytics help are provided below to uncover the actual potential of Google:  

Step 1: Create an Account for Google Analytics
The software of Google Analytics is provided by Google for free. Basically, creating a Google Analytics account is too simple. One would only need to have an I.D. in Gmail email. After this, one can already proceed to the website of Analytics engine and sign up his website for Google Analytics.

Step 2: Setting up of Tracking Code for Google Analytics
A person can install a tracking code into his website by simply clicking on the link of Add Website Profile. After this, he may scroll down and insert in the URL as to which home page he wants to set up the tracker to.

Step 3: The Dashboard of Google Analytics
Google Analytics dashboard is actually the Google home page. In this page, one can access the information he wants about his website. Once a person has already signed up into the system website, he will be automatically directed to the file of website profiles.

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