Previously, the developer of Website analytic system known as “Urchin on Demand” offered their web analytics service at the price of $199 per month; but Google offered it for FREE upon buying it on the earlier part of year 2005. This news resounds and the service is recognized with its name “Google Analytics.” This free service presents a maximum of five million per month page view.

This free hosting of web analytics service offered by Google is very helpful to numerous companies. Through this tool, companies can accurately follow the effectiveness of their online marketing campaigns without spending a single penny. According to Google Engineering Director, Paul Moret, the AdWords advertisers can also acquire additional features of analytics. However, Google Analytics is purposely designed as an exclusive AdWord analysis tool. Muret said that this is planned to serve as an absolute analytic package to monitor different kinds of online marketing campaigns from numerous sellers.

Of course, Google will not lose by offering the service for free. The truth is this is deemed to boom on the market of web analytics by drawing more new clients. Jupiter Research Analyst, Eric Peterson, also emphasized that the free Web analytics service offered by Google will place great pricing pressure on vendors.

For the meantime, Google is focusing to the needs of average businesses as well as to the large ones that does not consider such support, uttered by Peterson. Essentially, Google analytics observes the referral links, organic and paid searches, banner ads performance, and e-mail newsletters. This way, companies can accurately identify the numbers of guests referred to their websites.

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