A place where you can efficiently submit all your different kinds of online and offline content is called Google base. Here, the different items that you submit may also include the different labels and attributes that help in describing what it is that you want to upload so that other people will not have a hard time looking for your content. In Google Base, the attributes are also described as words or phrases that really help in describing the different qualities as well as characteristics that may be said of your items. Each given attribute allows you to enter multiple values which you then separate with commas. The labels, on the other hand, are also keywords or phrases which may act as tag words that classify or describe each item that you have. The items that you end up submitting to Google Base are also now part of the Base directory. Depending on the kind of relevance your item has, it can also be automatically posted in higher places of Google search engines like Froogle and Google Maps, among others. This is highly important for you to understand as a business owner because you need to make sure of the quality of your data. When data is good, you can affect your results in Google Base in a highly positive way – including the other areas of Google, too. The Google Base has a data feel which allows you to be more particular about the own attributes. These means you can add more information about the different items that you have.

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