If you have been yearning to sell some of your digital products all the while using the payment processor called Google Checkout, you have probably witnessed a few tricky drawbacks. Some of this includes the absence of a mechanism which works to integrate the shopping carts in an automatic manner. This usually means that each digital product that has been purchased will need manual approval to be loaded.

However, the good news is that some solutions have been provided in order for you to come up with an easier time in downloading and delivering goods to your customers and clients. This merchant service is very efficient and scalable. It is a robust payment processor which makes purchasing very easy for your customers and record keeping a breeze for you, the store keeper.

One thing that customers have been clamoring for would be the no chargeback policy of Google Checkout – but the good thing about this is that a solution is well on its way. An instant online method of paying is a good way for Google Checkout to encourage business growth. This is certainly better than simply coming up with a payment scheme in an antiquated manner.

Here, you can select different merchant service providers that also take in different kinds of currencies. The top three most popular currencies are the Euro, US Dollar and the British Pound – thankfully, Google Checkout caters to these three and so much more for your easy shopping convenience wherever you may be in the world.

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