With Google’s expanding global business solutions, it has now introduced the Google Earth—a virtual global program. Google Earth was formerly called Earth Viewer. It was created and programmed by one of Google’s business solutions, the Keyhole, Inc.

Google Earth is available in English, German, Swahili, Portuguese, Dutch, Italian, Japanese, French, Traditional Chinese, and Spanish. Hence, exploration of maps can be done with freedom because everything is explained in your language of choice.
An in-depth exploration of any place on Earth can be executed via satellite imagery, terrain, maps, 3D buildings, and most interestingly you can also extend your exploration to galaxies. So if you are into geographical content exploration you can take advantage of Google Earth’s wide ranging features.

To enjoy such service developed by Google, you can download the software on your personal computer. It works in computers with Windows 2000, Windows XP, Vista, iPhone, Linux, and Mac operating system. If you can not install it, you can add Google Earth in your browser’s plugin (Firefox, IE6, or IE7).

Google Earth’s Impact

When Google Earth was released in mid of 2006, it had instantly stirred the public’s interest. Google Earth between 2006 and 2007 has drawn an increase in media coverage, and anything related to virtual globes. This shows how the public immediately become more interested in geospatial technologies and applications.

However, there are some criticisms and issues of national security and privacy concerns raised because of using Google Earth. Some claim that Google Earth has initiated invasion of national privacy that can pose some threats to the overall security of a country or region. This if not handled with proper administration will cause abuse of usage. Some critics also say that Google Earth can also act as an instrument for future terrorism actions and damage of rights to privacy.

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