Everyone is aware that Google presently provides the finest overall-purpose search engine on the World Wide Web. However, many among the people nowadays failed to seize it to its best advantage. Normally, people are used to use one to two keywords only whenever they are performing their search. Sure, this strategy makes a quick search; although, this is not too precise. Now, one of the current Google forums on the Internet presents the secrets when searching through the use of Google.

Google is certainly a potent tool that can both ease and improve the Internet exploration of its users. However, it has to be taken note that the best options for Google search require more than just simple keywords. To provide further explanation, the following were collated to present some of the lesser-known options when searching in Google:

•    Tricks of Syntax Search
The use of special syntax is one way of saying to Google to limit the searches to particular characteristics or elements of Web pages. Users may use the following tricks of syntax search: Intext; Intitle; link; and the use of a site.  
•    Google as Swiss Army
Users should be aware that Google offers a lot of services to help its users accomplish their tasks easily and speedily. Like for instance, Google provides online calculator that allows users to perform math as well as conversions. There is also a Google service wherein users may check if they have spelled a word correctly.  
•    Extended Googling
Google provides a head start to its users to help them focus on their searches, one of the ways it presents is the use of Google groups.

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