Staff writer of aka Blud James Erickson wrote a blog that describes the wonders of Google projects. According to him, he was able to appreciate the marvel of Google projects when he was chosen to participate in the projects for Google “beta” such as company based e-mail, Google page maker and analytics. Erickson said that he has been recently playing with Google Analytics as well as with the developments over its forerunner, Urchin. And his experience was outstanding, he said.

Erickson also mentioned that he was actually not expecting something so exciting from the Google page maker. But to his surprise, Google has exceeded his expectations. Because of this, he was able to say that based on his personal experience to use this product, he is expecting people who will also be using this to find nothing else because of the simple web interface it provides. In fact, he said that he suggested his wife to use the same thing. And like what he expected, his wife did not encounter any troubles while using the feature. Take note, his wife is not an expert in handling computer according to Erickson. She is simply knowledgeable on its basics such as the Microsoft office—just that.

Apart from his wife, Erickson said that he also introduced this feature to his friends. And from that he was able to conclude that even those who only have basic computer knowledge is capable to make a good looking web page through the use of this tool. He also said that the most interesting feature, which he discovered on this project, is the capability it provides to log in to Google chat through the use of his own domain name.

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