Site Search is the new search solution of Google for business organizations.  The Google Site Search service replaced the Custom Search Business Edition services.

Site Search is hosted and powered by Google and uses the algorithms of its public search engine.  Google Site Search however is not ad supported, it has fully customizable search functions, and does not require Google branding.  

You will be able to create an on-site search engine with your company logo on it.  You can also configure the search engine to show biased result.  This means more control of search results so you can direct your visitors to pages you want them to visit.

For example, you will be able to configure Google Site Search to show more recent pages or documents on the top results.  You can also include other external websites outside of Google to show on your search engine.

Having a Goggle Site Search widget on your website could improve site performance.  Site visitors would be able to easily find individual pages, product pages, and services of your websites.

In fact, webmasters and website owners have reported a decrease on their bounce rate after they installed Google Site Search on their websites.  This means visitors will stay longer at your site which is also an indication of improving user engagement.

As a result of using Google Site Search, online businesses also reported an increase on their conversion rates especially for their e-commerce pages.  This means more cash flow and more income opportunities for commercial websites.

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