Google Site Search is a service under Google that offers quality search to websites together with a flexible cloud computing. It allows website owners to implement search functionality which is considered useful and familiar with website visitors.

Google Site Search Features

The Google site search has enhanced index coverage. It offers an extensive and comprehensive search results on any website because it crawls and indexes more content.
It has date biasing and top results biasing. Date biasing means that website owners can influence search results by the age of their documents. Top results biasing means that there are some sections of the site that can appear at the top of the search results.
It can also be customized in a way that search results interface are integrated with the overall look and feel of the website.

Benefits of Google Site Search

Since Google Site Search is easy to customize and implement, many website owners prefer it. In addition, it only costs 100 dollars annually for up to 5K pages and 500 dollars for 50K pages. Second, Google site search is also a good indicator that websites are showing in Google’s global search.

Using Google site search can also help website owners to figure out how well they trust different pages on a site or a subset of sites. This happens because of link popularity and other off site relevancy measurements. In short, if a website is easier to find, then it is also easier for the website owner and the others to cite the archived content.

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