It is a fact that Google has it all. Virtual-worlds platform and tools have been developed by Google to meet every specific need of the users. With tools powered by Google, you can search for particular information. You can acquire highly important resources like maps and geospatial content, and other useful and advantageous functions with just a click away. With thousands of Google tools made available for users’ convenience, each concerns made for Google search will be properly addressed.
Here are some of the Google categories that can cater users’ desires, requests and requirements. Every category comes with specific example of Google tools as well.

1.    The fundamental tools include Google Reader, iGoogle, Google Docs, Google Picasa, Google Desktop and Notebook among others. These tools are used for basic computing tasks.
2.    The maps and travel tools are the tools you need if you want to explore places on the surface of the earth and of the sky and galaxies. Such tools under this category are: Ride Finder, Google Earth, Google Sky, Google Mars, and Google Transit among others.
3.    The miscellaneous Google tools enable you to maximize your time enjoying diverse things with Google Pack, Google Gadgets, Google Alerts and Applications, and Google Gears among others.
4.    The third party tools consist of Googlematic, Google Babelplex, Cooking with Google, Goofresh and Simply Google tools that can be used for further web exploration.
5.    The web browsing and development tools allow you to create websites the easiest way possible. This includes Google Website Optimizer, Google SketchUp, Google App Engine, and many more.
6.    The social networking and communication tools give you the access to keep in touch with everybody you wish to communicate with. Google Friend Connect is the way to go.
7.    The custom search tools enable you to narrow your search results to make researching as efficient as possible.

Google tools are indeed wide-ranging. At present, Google is continuously increasing the number of Google tools that are being developed to address more and more specific user needs.

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