Individuals who are acquainted in the technological world—the computer namely—is given with two choices: to keep on using Google Word Processor otherwise called as Google Docs or shift to Microsoft Office online.

It is given that when an individual wants to use any type of office program, he is required to purchase some costly software to be loaded to his computer. This choice however is not very ideal because it wastes some valuable resources. Good thing, there is now a far better alternative—to utilize an online office program.

The two online office programs that are considered to be the most ideal to use are Google Docs and Microsoft Office online. Google Docs contains Google Word Processor. Through the use of the Google version, individuals can possibly make documents from a scrap online. The entire basics are presented here—from making a list of bullets, changing fonts, adding tables, and many more. But the best thing about Google Docs is it is made available to the public for free.

On the other hand, it is claimed that the online Office Program provided by Microsoft is already left behind this time because people are expecting to see Word, PowerPoint, and Excel online in 2009 beta format. Good thing, Microsoft still have an unfading advancement—their ever in demand Office software.

 So, to those people who do not want to spend a good amount of money in buying Office software, they may simply prefer to use the free Google Docs online office program and allow the Google Word to help them complete their writing stuffs.

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