Ready to use prioritized Governance Risk and Compliance requirements, to:

Manage and deliver complex engagements and projects that involving strategy, implementation, support, security control assessments, risk management methodologies, software/hardware optimization related to cyber security, IT operations, business processes, business resiliency and data integrity for State and Local organization (internal) clients. .


    • Deploy data governance and management controls when using cloud to produce, consume, and harness enterprise data.
    • Leverage your investments in risk management, internal controls and data management and analysis.
    • Convince the executive team to invest (and to continue investing) in data governance & stewardship as an essential business function.
    • Rate how well your department or organization views the effective management of risk as a value add / organizational advantage.
    • Operate a consistent approach to reporting compliance management information across the business.
    • Ensure compliance with regulations, manage and reduce risks and facilitate the involvement of the business individuals using business aligned processes.
    • Analyse supply chain performance from a risk management viewpoint.
    • Have an Effective GRC Strategy when you have an Information Silos Disconnect.
    • Create strong IT governance processes In the current business climate where a tremendous amount of importance is being given to governance, risk, and compliance (GRC), the concept of IT governance is becoming an increasingly strong component.
    • Integrate risk management with your organizations strategic direction and plan.

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