Outsourcing jobs are great because it can serve as the bridge that connects the gap between a developed country and a developing one. In a nutshell, outsourcing refers to delegating certain tasks and responsibilities (or services, if you will) to other people for a price. In outsourcing jobs to foreign countries, both service provider and outsourcer will win. This is because when the developed country outsources many jobs to a developing nation, it will be able to save money since generally, labor is cheaper in many developing and third world nations. And to further expand their company, they can use the revenues they saved to open additional business process outsourcing companies in more foreign countries   which will then make them more stable and highly regarded in the business world.

On the other side of the bridge, the foreign countries that accept such outsourcing jobs will gain a chance to improve itself   both on a national level and a local one. Thanks to outsourcing jobs more people will have a chance to earn good income, so they can provide for their family s basic needs. On the national level, more jobs will mean more purchasing power, so the economy will be uplifted because people will be spending more for their needs, and the different public and private commercial sectors will be able to improve their own sales. All these and more are really thanks to the outsourcing of jobs to foreign countries   so it really is a very good thing to actually be part of this trend.

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