If there is one thing that is really confusing, that would be selecting for the most effective web analytics tool for your company. Most often finding the one that would help you extract the most usable information to improve your website performance is the choice. But then there are also some factors that you need to consider to make sure that it would be the best tool that would work for your company.

The selection process usually starts with getting into what you need. You need to asses which is important for your web analytics endeavors. You need to know what are the measurements that you need to know about your website – is it the email conversions, SEO marketing or tracking downloads from your site? You should also look into if you need real time reporting, reporting monthly or how often would you need these reports. Once you have defined what you needed then you can proceed with how much is your budget for this tool. Then you can also proceed with analyzing if your web site architecture if it could house the tool that you need for tracking your web measurements.

Another thing that you need to look into is the vendor support. Of course, since you are buying this tool, you need to make sure that if something happens and you would need technical support your vendor can assist you with it. Some vendors even conduct training for using the web analytics tool. Just make sure that when choosing the tool, you get want you need, it’s within your budget and you can get after sales support.

If there is one web analytics tool that stands out, that would be HBX. It caters to the needs of most companies to improve their web performance and it has so many features that make using it easier. Here are some of the features that you can get from HBX web analytics.

1.    It allows you to view the web pages on the software and view the click trough rates. You can also create segmentation so that you would be able to analyze the behavior of the visitors on your site. This feature is called active viewing.
2.    You can also customize your dashboards with HBX. You can actually do this customization depending on the users who would need the reports.
3.    You can navigate the funnel. Usually funnels are used to tack the progression in line with the shopping cart activities. But with HBX, you can actually use it with other processes on the site. Like you can check on why your landing page is not getting much conversion. You would be able to study the reasons why people are bailing out of your website.
4.    HBX allows you to capture attribute data that your visitors are looking for but your site does not offer. You can actually set categories for your products and then you can add related searches fields on your website so that you can cater to the needs of your customers.

HBX web analytics makes customizing and segmenting of web data possible. If you would use this web analytic tool you will see that it is flexible and would cater to what your company only needs.

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