Software hosting is not a new technology.  It has been around for many years now and many Internet users, whether individuals, non-profit group, or corporations, have benefited from it.  Software hosting companies and providers offer numerous software solutions for different computing needs. 

Today, almost every computer application needs can be serviced by software hosting businesses.  Software hosting providers can give reliable service to a wide range of clients.  Consumers can get software designed for specific needs like email marketing, community forum and bulletin boards, web site building, finance planning, corporate accounting, enterprise resource planning, and many more.

Software hosting could be a free service if providers use it to complement other premium services.  In most cases however, software hosting can be enjoyed by subscribing to the service provider and paying a regular or one time payment for its use.

Paid or free, software hosting is a good tool for computer users who wish to deploy a computer program without local installation.  Users can also get up to date patches and upgrades of the software usually at no cost.  Software hosting companies can also provide real time technical support for their clients using modern internet communication technologies such as VoiP, web conferencing, instant messaging, and online tutorials.

The impact of software hosting has been felt not just by individual computer users but also by online and brick and mortar businesses.  The utilization of software using web based interfaces greatly helped companies and organization in simplifying and streamlining their software solution needs.

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