A business intelligence summit gathers the best practitioners, thought leaders, technology specialists, and industry leaders in one grand event.  A BI summit tries to scrutinize all aspects of business intelligence application from data warehousing, access, and analytics to corporate performance, productivity and management.  This is a very important event that should be attended by everyone involved in the theory and practice of enterprise management.  Whether a company has a successful business intelligence program or about to implement one, the BI summit will certainly be a big help for their projects.

During the BI summit, participants can take advantage of vital information being discussed by major industry and economic thinkers today.  New technologies, techniques, and applications of business intelligence are analyzed in-depth in order to gain new perspectives and insights on BI deployment.  A business intelligence summit correlates and propounds the importance of the system and its impact on management application performance, technology architectures, and current business practices.  This ground breaking event clarifies issues about the use of technology in improving business performance and organizational competency and how these issues could be resolved in order to strengthen the market position of companies.

A business intelligence summit should be attended by strategic planners and technology architecture engineers, BI managers and specialist, IT honchos and technical experts, and business executives and corporate CIOs and CEOs.  These people hold the key in the successful implementation of corporate business intelligence and they should be the first to know the current innovations, issues, and trends concerning business intelligence applications. 

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