Establish that your organization performs technical work involving your organization wide installation, configuration, modification, and maintenance of desktop computer hardware, instructional servers, Group Policies, and other high end software applications, networking, audio/video equipment, and local area networks.

More Uses of the Group Policies Toolkit:

  • Identify: technical expertise in active directory and Group Policies.
  • Deploy, administer and performance tune workstation Group Policies related to system hardening procedures and policies.
  • Ensure implementation of Information Security guidelines as per Group Policies.
  • Have sound knowledge on Windows Active Directory systems like Schema, Group Policies, Sites, Trusts etc.
  • Guide: configuration of Group Policies related to security, as Windows defender/firewall.
  • Create and manage Active Directory Group Policies to support a consistent desktop/laptop environment.
  • Maintain security with antivirus, Group Policies, and software patches.
  • Manage and maintain network users, computers, security, printers, drive mappings and other Group Policies.
  • Create/manage user accounts, groups, permissions, Group Policies using Active Directory Management.
  • Analyze and process system changes for existing Group Policies.
  • Be accountable for overseeing delivery and management of Group Policies in active directory.
  • Manage office user computer environments by using Active Directory Group Policies.
  • Manage: design Group Policies an access control lists to ensure compatibility and organizational standards, business rules and needs.
  • Systematize: setup and maintain Group Policies and user account information in active directory for rights, permissions, and security.
  • Secure that your strategy complies; designs, implements, and administers Active Directory Group Policies to aid in network security, system security, and automatic deployment of network storage and print resources.
  • Ensure you pilot; lead in accordance with the Group Procurement Operating Model, Group Policies and Standards, the SBU procurement activities from category strategy development to contract, implementation and supplier management.
  • Standardize: creation and administration of Group Policies to adhere to security standards and insurance of compliance standards.
  • Manage knowledge and ability in the area of Windows Group Policies in a domain environment.
  • Be accountable for using and maintaining Active Directory and Group Policies.


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