More and more businesses are beginning to use ITIL® ® Service Management
tools to manage SLAs these days. SLA helps to show the value of IT to
the business and provides meaningful information so companies can meet
their key targets. It clearly defines the level of services expected
between two parties. It ensures these targets are met within expected
standards and budgeted costs.

Today’s SLA has come a long way. In the past SLA was managed manually,
using spreadsheets or unsophisticated computer tools. A system that was
too reliant on key personnel and inefficient in the way it was managed.

 SLA has become increasingly popular, with more and more
businesses realizing its benefits.  “Service Level Management
provides a way to optimize IT service quality and align it to your
business services. It details which departments in your business use
that service. It enables you to agree and document levels of service
and monitor and review actual service levels achieved as compared to
SLA targets. It helps you to control costs, ensuring budgets are met.
It provides a way to review IT service levels enabling you to take
steps to eliminate unacceptable levels of service.


Emereo is a leading innovator of ITIL® ® based tools and services. Its
Service Level Management module creates and maintains important
information about the IT services and how they are used by a business.
It captures SLAs in a catalog, recording and maintaining capture
availability required for service resolution time for service. Its
Service Level Management application is fully integrated to capture IT
service for each record in different modules.


Service Level Agreements are vital because they help businesses to
easily analyze underlying factors and make corrections. They allow
businesses to optimize resources cost effectively. They give you the
competitive edge in highly competitive business environment, by
allowing you to deliver business services consistently, at minimum cost.

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