Majority in the Drupal software is comprised of different and variety of modules.  These modules are integral elements of the system that detail the full functionality of the Drupal software.  There are Drupal modules that are particularly important that when they are left not installed on your system, it is an assured nightmare on the user’s end.  Below are some of the more important Drupal modules that you may want to give more importance:

A.    The Module that acts as the editor.  Every web designer program needs an editor.  This editor is particularly useful in terms of editing the source code of the website design.  This editor is fully functional editor.  
B.    The module that calls the feedback form.  The Drupal system was particularly designed for websites and web content management.  Every known good website has a feedback form in it that enables visitors to leave any comment for the site.
C.    The module that creates good experience for non-techie people. There is a module known as the blockbar.  This module works on allowing non-techie people to get a friendly environment when they visit a website via removal of the blocks.  
D.    The module for a printer friendly section.  Making a print out on a site is essentially significant.  For this reason, the need for a printer friendly section is very much needed.  The module for this must be installed.  
E.    The module to remove bad behavior.  Your website is not quarantined all the time from bad comments, malicious feedback, undeniable trackback and all forms of bad comments.  You will need a mechanism that will allow you to grant access to every visitor who may want to leave comments on your site.  

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