Reliable guidelines for the installation process of the free VMware Server 1.0 on Ubunto 6.06 LTS are essential. As much as possible one should not install this system without the proper installation knowledge. For this reason, the following steps for installation are gathered to serve as a guide for one to properly install VMware serve 1.0. This however is not the sole way to install such system. There are still some other ways although this one is suggested because it already gives out a successful result.

Just before the installation of VMware, one needs to finish first the set up of the fundamental of Ubuntu 6.06 system. There is no problem whether one uses desktop version or Ubuntu server.  However, it needs to be taken note that there should be a working root account before doing the installation because the process will run as root. Now, the first thing to install is the required packages by VMware on the Ubuntu system. When doing this, the var partition needs be reviewed if it has enough space because the virtual machine needs a big disk space. After this, one can already download the free VMware server right from the website of this software.

To successfully run the VMware, one needs a serial number, which is also for free.  The serial number can be acquired through the download page. Now, to finally set up the VMware Server, the following packages are needed: VMware Server for Linux; and Management Interface. Both of these are obtainable on the download page too.  Additionally, to produce new virtual machines, client package of VMware server is needed either for Linux or Windows. To download the software to the server, using the program of Linux command line is highly suggested. 

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