Creating landing page is not a so-so process. It is a very meticulous process that might affect the success or failure of a certain online company. That is why creating great landing page is one of the most important aspects of Internet marketing. It helps the company to finally turn a prospect client into one of their customers. Good thing there are free guides on how to design a great landing page.

One of the effective ways to create a landing page is to match the keywords to the company’s products and services. It should be considered that the landing page comes from related search engine results. The prospect customers should have his expected result when he clicked the link—it should have the right product. A call for action is also an important aspect in creating a great landing page. With this, the prospect customer will have a clear idea on what the company really wants to have. Is it purchasing a product, enrolling to a regular newsletter, or downloading a free ebook?

Another great advice for a great landing page is to create an attractive and enticing headline. This simple single sentence should summarize what the company offers. This should be unique, truthful, and will surely convince the prospect customer to take the call for action.

Meanwhile, use of visual images or videos is also helpful in providing better page layout, which in turn may help attract the prospect customers to give in. But the use of these graphics should be limited since using of excessively big images or videos might make the loading of landing page very slowly. A slow-downloading page usually makes the prospect client bored and navigates away from the page before it is finally loaded.

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