If you have not yet joined the latest thing in micro blogging today, then you are missing out. Chances are, you have heard of Twitter and how many people have been wanting to set up their own Twitter account. Being more than just a fad, owning a Twitter account is something that can be really great for a lot of people – not just the ones that are in business.

Having a Twitter account means having a great way to blog even the smallest of ideas – right at the minute. As long as you have a wifi-enabled device and a wireless connection access, you can inform all your contacts about your whereabouts. This is useful if you are planning a party and you need to move the venue.

As soon as you send a Tweet regarding the matter, all your friends would be alerted about it. Second, concerned parents now have a great way to be informed about their children’s whereabouts if they have a Twitter account. All they have to do is to open it and check out your Tweets. In an instant, they would know if you are hanging out at the local pizza joint or are stuck in traffic on your drive back home.

And of course, having a Twitter account also means being in the know about the whereabouts and businesses of the people you care about. You can be well informed about them as they are well informed about you, thanks to the wonder that is the Twitter account!

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