Having More Tools with Visual Studio .NET Enterprise Architect

Businesses want to gain better income. But today’s economics and way of doing business dictate that for a business to succeed it has to have robust physical IT system and software applications embedded together with solid company goals and strategies. That s why companies have now become conscious of their IT to the extent that they are doing enterprise architecture.  This means that companies are now checking and realigning their company policies and goals with the IT system they have. They are more conscious that the IT system they have should be able to answer and support their needs in achieving company goals both in the short run and in the long term. They check their present state and they formulate a target.  And then they work towards going to that ideal state they have in mind.

All of these are the work of the enterprise architects. Whether the company has its own in house enterprise architects or they employ outside developers is another matter.  They would have to use developer tools and models that would enable them to design what would be appropriate according to what the company wants to achieve.

Perhaps that is what Microsoft had in mind when it released Visual Studio .NET Enterprise Architect. Although Visual Studio has been around to offer developers tools for designing and developing applications for various purposes, .NET Enterprise Architect but came with more capabilities that were not present in the preceding Visual Studio version. .NET Enterprise Architect provided more tools for designing as well as for best practices and application functionality sharing. With these tools at hand, designers now have more to work on for developing applications that are more appropriate for specific business enterprise architecture.

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