Head in the Cloud, Take Control

Cloud computing options are expanding for companies.  The attraction of low-cost infrastructures for developing and hosting web applications is pulling more organizations in marketing products and handling business affairs over the Internet with their customers.

However there are still some useful considerations that required attention if a company is looking to use cloud computing solutions as part of their IT strategy.  Here’s a basic list:

  • Make sure the existing IT architecture works with cloud services.
  • With so many providers of cloud services, find one or two that meet your needs and keep with them.
  • Deploy monitoring and management tools for cloud services.
  • If required, ensure a federated identify management system is implemented.
  • Have all sensitive data stored on the cloud encrypted.
  • Have an existing backup plan in case of failure in the cloud.
  • Add bandwidth between the cloud and the IT architecture to support increases in network traffic.

One of the perils of cloud computing is the lack of management by the organization using it. Just because some IT is being handled by another party does not warrant completely removing control.  Put in some mechanism to continually ensure that the cloud still benefits the company in all its aspects.

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