In every good Corporation or Business, all the important layers of Bureaucracy are handled by someone who has direct knowledge of the way things are best done in his department. In many cases, this person also holds a seat in the Executive post of Management. And in the advent of Knowledge Management, most Businesses using this process as a way to handle and disseminate the Information required by their workers now have the necessary Head Officer in this particular department.

This has proved to be very innovative and productive for the Businesses in general. This even shows the added emphasis and importance provided by the Management to Knowledge Management, which is already a testamentary factor to consider in its own self. This clearly shows it importance and capabilities in increasing and promoting growth within the Company. Businesses, engaging with Knowledge Management, but only has a minor functionary acting as its Head, should do well to improve the person’s status within the Business. Knowledge dissemination is important to everyone concerned and by strengthening the functionary’s powers could ultimately help the Business in the long run.

Also, having Head Knowledge Management specialist as part of the Executive Management further improves the Bureaucratic outline of the Business as well by streamlining all the necessary and important arms of the Business into one decision-making body. So this ultimately proves the advantages of having a Head of Knowledge Management near the Executive Management. In the necessitated growth, this is an important factor that must be considered and done.

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