Head to Head: Prince2 and Pmi’s PPM

Prince2 is said to be different from a lot of other project management systems out there, especially Pmi’s PMP system. It is the only one that offers a uniquely structured framework that has the characteristic of being tailored and sized in accordance to a project’s qualifications. It has no time to devote to mundane issues such as the softer human skills that are required of a project manager, because it does the same thing in half the time!

More importantly, Prince2 is compatible with different kinds of project management qualifications because it is able to work out the technical structure of the exact framework of all its projects. One popular project management qualification, PMP, has the answers that will satisfy the questions and qualifications of a project manager. In essence, Prince2 is grounded heavily on technological basis of lightning speed transmissions in project monitoring, while PMP’s pmi has the human project management system as its core. In this light, both serve to take the project in effect but done through almost similar but at the same time vastly different means.

Compared to the national framework, Prince2 sits comfortable at Level 3 – which is several notches higher than its closest competitors. This simply proves that yes, there are a lot of project management systems that are available out there on the market – to serve the different needs of differently sized and differently oriented individuals and corporations – but despite all these offerings people will still look at Prince2 as the industry standard that one should definitely consider looking into.


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