Building a Culture of Health at WaMu
Washington Wellness
Coordinators’ Workshop -Tumwater, WA
June 8, 2007

WaMu -Who are We?
Health & Wellness Mission and Vision
Our Legacy Health Promotion Model
A Comprehensive and Strategic Approach to Health
Questions and discussion
WaMu Vision and Mission
Our Brand Promise and Core Values
Simpler banking with more smiles.

What Are Their Key Health Issues?

Health Promotion in Transition
Total Population Health Management

Program Design -Key Initiatives
Enhance health improvement programs with more robust behavior change coaching (stress, back care, weight management)
Introduce tobacco cessation and disease management treatment programs
Partner with Ergonomics group to develop an ergonomics education module
Promote the Healthy Pregnancy program
Enhance workplace lactation support program for moms returning to work

Healthy Workplace – Key Initiatives
Implement HR and workplace policies that support and sustain healthy behaviors (i.e. smoke-free workplace, lactation policies)
Facilitate physical activity in workplace environment and facilities (stairway use, bike lockers, walking route maps)
Promote healthy food choices (vending machine subsidies, selection of healthy options in cafeterias)
Subsidize or make available lifestyle improvement programs at a discount (WeightWatchers, health club membership, tobacco cessation programs)
Incentives -Key Initiatives
Healthy Rewards can encourage employee engagement, participation and behavior change
Tailor incentive program to corporate culture and organizational objectives
Fine tune to incorporate recognition and perks (flexible time or time off, or merchandise items) for individuals achieving premium levels
Integrate with plan design -rewards, such as lower deductibles, extra flexible benefit credits vs penalties, such as higher deductibles

Plan Design -Key Initiatives
Provide full coverage for preventive care
Provide coverage for nicotine replacement therapy (NRT)
Include coverage for risk intervention programs (tobacco cessation, obesity management)
Consider premium reduction for individuals who meet health criteria (smoke-free, HQ score, etc.)
Introduce CDHP plan option to foster consumer engagement

Integration is the Key
Seamless and transparent user experience:
Single point of access for both web-enabled and phone-based resources
HRA data (high-risk triggers) to Health Advocate team for outreach
Integrated communications with health plan partners (newsletter, postcards, etc.)
Data interchange between health plan and WebMD to populate Personal Health Record, decision support tools
Integration between disability management vendor and Health Advocate programs

Health and Wellness Brand Identity
Health & Wellness Communications
Communications Campaign
Smart MUves Campaign
Launch campaign which helped tie it all together
Materials were eye-catching, informative, consistent with our brand
Smart MUves Sweepstakes
13,000 employees completed Health Quotient to be entered in the sweepstakes from Oct. 1 -Nov. 31
Scavenger Hunt
More than 5,000 employees submitted answers for a chance to win one of five $100 gift certificates

Smart MUves Health Check Station
Health Fair Screening Results

Participation measures: % HQ completion, health improvement program participation, flu shots
Health improvement: health risk change, increased self-efficacy, Healthy People 2010
Satisfaction measures: satisfaction with benefits, health management programs
Impact measures: % current with preventive care
Utilization measures: healthcare trend, ETG (episode treatment group) cost reduction
Workplace productivity: reduction in disability, absenteeism/presenteeism
Population Health Improvement
Employee Feedback Health & Wellness Survey
Healthcare Cost Improvement
Bridging the Gap between Health Promotion and Disease/Cost Management
Assume a longer term view; gather longitudinal data
Focus on sustained behavioral impact, best demonstrated over the long term
Expand the scorecard to include leading indices that precede financial gains (health risk reduction, compliance, migration in stage of readiness)
Broaden the spectrum of targeted population to get ahead of the disease state (prevention vs management)
Q & A


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