Balanced scorecard implementation seeks to measure company performance on every aspect of its operation. This management tool can be used to determine specific areas of concern involving critical issues that must be resolved to ensure overall company growth. The balanced scorecard system can measure the success of every component of a company, whether it ‘s a detached unit, a department, or a business section. It can also set the standards for balancing short term implementations of business goals to long term visions of the company.

An important key feature of balanced scorecard implementation is its focus in measuring four areas of concern that are essential to the success of a company. The balanced scorecard system can be used to determine the status and levels of growth of a company in terms of financial success, human resource development, customer satisfaction, and internal business operations and processes. These key areas are interconnected and complement each other. Success in every field will ensure the continued growth and profitability of a company. It is therefore critical for companies to use balanced scorecard methodology to measure the success of these key components.

Successful implementation of balanced scorecard solution will enable companies to work within their set strategies. Strategy is the driving force that can push forward the development of companies. If managers can effectively measure performance based on company strategy, the management team can get concrete data on where the company stands. Affirmative actions can be efficiently implemented to problem areas because the balanced scorecard system allows managers to generate concrete data of actual performance.

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