Recent advancements in technology may not be perceived anymore as “yet another product of one’s brilliant mind”. Nowadays, it is more of becoming “a way of life”. It is because almost everything has gone digital and IT-ready. In a world where “internet” is a household item, it is just normal to see or read in the news about a new breakthrough hitting the stores in the coming days. Indeed, life has never been this easier and more convenient without man’s quest for improvement in technology. The best example of which is in health care where the development of modern facilities is now being focused on to save people’s lives.

Establishing a reliable health information system has been proven to be one of the effective means of promoting the efficient utilization of health care facilities. This encompasses all the resources, methods and devices required in optimizing the optimization of the acquisition, storage and retrieval of information that are vital in the health and medicine areas. Such essential information includes managing patient’s medical history and records among other areas such as billing, research and scheduling. But then again, there are still some health care institutions that use paper-based information processing. This could be due to issues regarding expenses as it will definitely take much of the hospital’s budget.

Shifting gears in having a good health information system is definitely one hot topic that most hospitals and health care facilities should focus on. Aside from the convenience it provides, resorting to the development of a health information system reduces the probability of encountering human errors. This is something that should be prioritized as people’s lives are on the line.

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