Oracle AP/PO In the Shared Services Environment
Management Production and Control Systems
UPS implemented their Oracle Self Service Procurement application in 1997. At the time of implementation, 70+ Accounts Payable sites were used to pay their bills, along with multiple purchasing locations. Today, UPS has only one Procurement Shared Services office handling all of the Accounts Payable and Procurement for all of the domestic U.S. UPS processes approximately $10 billion annually through the AP/PO application with 115 employees, including management, in the Shared Services office. UPS continues to add users to their Self Service Procurement through acquisitions (Menlo, Overnite, etc) without having to add additional permanent staff by leveraging a customized workflow applications that works in conjunction with Oracle to streamline the work processes.
Help Desk
ENTRA -Enterprise Network Tracking and Reporting Application Management Production and Control
Enterprise Network Tracking and Reporting Application
SQL Server tables Visual Basic User Interfaces
100+ daily loads and batches to facilitate the workflow for Shared Services and iProcurement Users
Facilitates workflow in work areas
Leverages what Oracle does well

ENTRA (Enterprise Network Tracking and Reporting Application)
Vendor Management
Automated vendor downloads
Duplicate Vendor checks before loads
Audits for duplicate vendors
Local (Emergency) Purchase Order Notification Dispatch and Control
Enhanced Vendor Lookup
Multiple Audits for file accuracy
Management Reporting and dispatch
Tracks fuel savings
Management Reporting

Purchasing Support
Item add audits
Usage reports
Frequency reports
BPA audits and control
Copier, Fax, Business Card, and Relocation Tracking
Management Reporting
Catalog Items audit and control
Supply and PE Purchasing
Procurement Ordering System
Expedited Ordering
Purchase Order closing automation
Purchase Order exception processing
Management Reporting
Workflow monitoring
AP Processing
Enhanced Vendor Lookup
Purged Invoice Lookup (14mo in Oracle)
AP Batch Edit list
ACS (outsourcer) Batch file
Enhanced Item Lookup
Control lists (approver overrides, etc)
Management Reporting
Enhanced Duplicate Payments
Enhanced Vendor Lookup
Purged Invoice and Check information
Check file to bank
Bank Check Copies
ACH advance notifications
Management Reporting
Customized Receiving Holds Mailer
Oracle Invoice Holds dispatch and control
Contacts list and self service updating
Automation of ACS (outsourcer) Invoice Gateway Logs for exception processing
Automated Statement Processing and Control
Management Reporting

Procurement Services internal Web.
One consolidated place for all forms
User Guides for processing
Lookup tools to facilitate processing
Procurement procedures and policies
Web reports to monitor compliance and processing
Procurement links for external sites

Procurement Services Web

Automated Interchange Management System
e-Enable any vendor (without use of VAN)
ACH advance notice
PO to vendor any a variety of formats
Order Status including tracking information, shipment status, serial numbers, warranty information, etc.
Invoice received in MS Excel format.
Validated for exceptions and process keys
Errors returned to vendor for corrections

UPS Procurement Services Help Desk
Help Desk
Consolidated Help Desk for all Procurement Inquiries
Status of Orders
System inquiries
Procurement procedures and policies
ID/Password Resets
Via Phone and email
Emails are automatically logged and dispatched

Help Desk

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