Help Desk Technician – The Company Main Man

When there is something strange happening in your computer, who are you going to call? Ghostbusters? Nope, but the help desk technician can definitely save the day. People seek the advice of help desk technicians when they need assistance with their computer, any hardware device or software application. As a requirement, these professionals need to listen to the problem being described diligently, ask probing questions when necessary to isolate the issue, and take methodical steps to analyze and solve the problem. It is also important to always be ready to switch lanes when new facts become available along the course of the interaction.

Usually, a help desk technician is seen being in front of every battle, resolving customer issues while armed with true passion for work and great knowledge obtained from books and experience. On the other hand, there are also help desk technicians that work at the backend, maintaining the network of large companies and serving co-employees when computer problems are encountered.
Aside from having good communication and listening skills, it is also important that a help desk technician possesses an excellent writing skill as well. When assisting a caller, either a customer or co-worker, the help desk technician has to also document the interaction and write down essential points to track which among the solutions resolved the issue. This not only enhance their knowledge database, but also, writing down notes will help the next technician who will assist the same caller determine the next possible step if ever the solution given previously failed to fix the problem. Truly, being a help desk technician is not easy, but is justly rewarding at the same time.


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