All companies want to keep their customers loyal and satisfied.  All businesses know that
keeping a customer is less costly than finding a new one.  That is why having a good
customer relationship is very important to them.  A helpdesk customer support specialist,
whether in-house or outsourced, can mean a lot when it comes to customer after sales

The helpdesk customer support specialist is the front-liner of the company.  He is
responsible for directly facing and contacting the customer for after sales support and
other inquiries by the customer.  A good helpdesk customer support specialist will be
able to properly assist the customer in whatever inquiries and difficulties the customer
may be facing.  Aside from that, he should also be responsible for gathering and storing
data about the customer so that it can be analyzed later for future potential sales value and
other purposes.

Being a helpdesk customer support specialist, he should be able to manage the company’s
professional relationship with the customer by providing support and assistance whether
through the phone, e-mail or the internet.  This could include a direct interaction with the
customer (phone, live chat, instant messaging, etc.) to resolve issues related to the
product or service that was availed.  The company’s objective is always to provide the
best customer service support to its clients and it is the helpdesk customer support
specialist’s job to help the company attain its objective by responding to customer
requests for assistance and support the soonest time possible and immediately
documenting the report for future reference.

It is essential, therefore, that the helpdesk customer support specialist have excellent and
professional communication skills with customer service as primary focus.  He is a key
factor in the retaining customer loyalty and satisfaction therefore should always strive to
assist the customer in every way he can.


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