WordPress is no wonder the favorite of many bloggers because it offers various free applications and plug-ins that are very helpful for all types of users. For those in a WordPress bloggers’ group, one of the most helpful plug-ins is the WordPress private messaging system.

Similar to the common messaging system, the WordPress private messaging system allows members to communicate with one another easily. They can stay connected with authors, members, and editors without the use of slow emails or public forums. Instant messaging is possible now with the WordPress private messaging system.

There are undeniably many helpful features provided by the WordPress private messaging system. One of these is giving users the capability to send as well as receive private messages. Unlike forums, these messages are private and can only be viewed by the sender and the receiver. Also, the user can save copies of sent messages in the Sent PM folder. This plug-in also allows forwarding, saving, replying, and deleting private messages. The users can also create folders for different private messages like saved PMs and moved PMs. These folders can also be deleted or renamed easily.

Moreover, the administrators are given the power to see the members’ folders as well as their contents. However, they are not allowed to read the folders’ private notes. They are only given the power to delete notes as well as folders with attached notes. The WordPress private messaging system can be set to determine the length of time that the private messages should stay in the folder. After that, these PMs will be automatically deleted.

With proper usage, members, editors and administrators can surely find the WordPress private messaging system a more beneficial plug-in.

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