AdWords nowadays continues to attract Internet -based business owners and new learners or enthusiasts—with valuable and significant benefits obtain from its usage. Most thriving Internet -business companies now seek for AdWords services to increase and ensure business profits, higher ranking on search engines, and Web presence. However, just like other Internet advertising tool and/or strategy, achieving desirable profit with AdWords would also require time and efforts. Trying to make money with AdWords campaigns but not actually earning any profit or even losing more money instead, simply means that the method used is not suitable or fitting. To avoid failures and money loss, here are several helpful rules that can be followed to achieve AdWords success. 1. Selecting the appropriate products/services. Choose products that can generate profit is important—easily promoted and sold products. Similarly, considering the involved marketing cost is also essential. So, while making money, business owners must also ensure that enough commission is available to cover for necessary promotion costs. 2. Advertising multiple products is much more preferable. Affiliations among business owners significantly help in advertising considerable product volumes. Super affiliates normally pick the best selected dozens of products and invest modestly for the promotion of each product. Only when positive sales are generated by one product will super affiliates invest more money and time. 3. Keeping track of keywords. Using correct and keeping track of keywords used in AdWords campaigns determine the success or failure of an affiliate. Apparently, tracking enables identification of keywords causing loss than profit. Generally, earning money with AdWords can be advantageous if appropriate amounts of time and efforts are given with inclusive consideration of the three helpful rules provided. AdWords campaigns significantly help achieve higher website traffic, profits and Web presence.

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