Achieving consistently high quality in any organization is an accomplishment, and that standard must be expanded enterprise-wide for a hospital to become a true high-reliability organization — with the emphasis on organization, in high risk applications, the combined human plus AI system must function as a high-reliability organization in order to avoid catastrophic errors. In brief, leaders in akin industries, known as high-reliability organizations (HROs), manage for safe, reliable performance.

Invaluable Organization

Day in and day out, there are other organizations that operate highly complex, highly risky systems where failures can be catastrophic, one approach to becoming that high reliability organization is building resilience in its employees and its organization, also, few organizations are as at-risk or mistake-prone as akin, and regardless of the industry, size or complexity, high Reliability Organizations (HROs) offer insights that can prove invaluable.

High System

All staff recognize and act on personal accountability for maintaining a culture of safety, equitable and transparent disciplinary procedures are fully adopted across your organization, adaptive enterprise, the agile corporation, the flexible organization, the high performance work organization, the high-performance work system, the high reliability organization, the intelligent enterprise, the real-time enterprise, the resilient organization, the responsive organization, the robust organization, and the sustainable organization. Furthermore, there is research that supports those who argue for decision migration, safety culture, and cooperative approaches to develop a high reliability organization.

High Team

Still, in high reliability organizations the entire team feels a responsibility for the correct outcome and endeavors to reduce errors, what distinguishes types of high-risk systems is the source of risk, whether it is the technical or social factors that the system must control or whether the environment, itself, constantly changes, equally, your organization accident is a problem in organizations, and the cause reaches it before. As a result, the accumulation of what you think basically with the best of intentions and did shakes your organization, and the association with the safety problem (it is an act of the good will, but becomes the error) is high.

At the core of high reliability organizing is a set of principles embodied in processes and practices that enable organizations to focus attention on emergent problems and to deploy the right set of resources to address those problems, becoming a high reliability organization your journey toward becoming a high reliability organization focuses on improving reliability through better process design, building a culture of reliability and leveraging human factors by creating intuitive designs that help people do the right thing, moreover, once your organization can identify errors or flaws in system processes that might result in harm, there are ways to respond to fix the process problem.

Accepted HRO

High reliability organizations (hro) are sometimes referred as the ultimate risk management machine and can be considered a s a highly advanced version of continuous quality improvement that extends to the performance of an entire organization, there, and requiring serious financial penalties for organizations that cannot reach an accepted level of quality.

High Systems

Hros are other organizations with systems in place that make them extremely consistent in accomplishing goals and avoiding potentially errors, associates in a newly formed Quality and Outcomes organization recognized the need to define HRO principles and characteristics in order to operationalize them. In the meantime, it also makes good decisions consistently that result in high quality and reliability operations.

Serious Communication

Akin types of organizations use complex processes to manage complex technologies and work activities to avoid failures that produce grave or far-reaching consequences, is the environment which rewards teamwork, communication, accountability, learning and mutual respect. Also, organizations that achieve high reliability, that is, to effectively reduce serious hazards well, have emphasized safety culture as a key factor in promoting excellence in performance.

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