Numbers of People today tend to enjoy Twitter: welcomes first-timers. So, for the ones who are left for the fun that is brought by Tweeter, which is the possibility to broadcast short messages to both “followers” and friends, they can already start-up and hook to what is recent here by joining in Twitter for free on Individuals who became fascinated on the function of Twitter are instructed to visit the website of Twitter to sign-up and join the fun of messaging to one another.

When signing-up, joiners are encouraged to use their actual name so their friends can easily find them. By also signing-up in, it will be easier for individuals to upload their picture. If the joiners also clicked the box for “Protect my updates,” people will not be given an access to read their Twitters unless they are given an authorization. So, for those joiners who are seeking for more fun, they can opt to leave the said box unchecked.

Then, as soon as the joiners were able to complete his twitter account, he can already announce it to his friends and inform them his username in or he can also send them the link to Twitter page. Every user has his personal page twitter, which comes in the form of Like for instance, a person can say “my Twitter page is

After completing the initial requirements in Twitter and the adding of friends, twitter joiners can also follow some of the popular or helpful Twitterers. Of course, once these joiners have already sign-up, they can always try to explore and experiment Twitter to get the most out of it.  

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