Isn’t it amazing that with Drupal’s free software, you can do just about anything about your web page? You do not really have to spend so much money just to make sure that you would be able to house your corporate or personal website in a reliable software. What is more remarkable with this software is that you can actually put blogging, content management software or even forum to be integrated in the software. It makes online life easier with maintaining a web site.

Another notable truth about Drupal is that you can actually host multiple sites so that you would be able to maximize the use of varying contents form a mirrored domain. There are of course companies that offer this service but you would be stunned with the prices that they charge. So why bother paying when you can have this feature with the use of Drupal? You can achieve this with Drupal by mirroring these other domains on your Drupal root folder. You can then be able to configure your setting to these different contents from the other domains. You can also configure then some conditions on what content would you just use for your web site.

It is also important you modify the .htacess file that is setup on your folder so that you would be able to mirror the right domain that you wanted. This is just but one thing that you can do on Drupal software. There are still so much features that you need to explore to appreciate an open source software like Drupal.

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