In the world of marketing and advertising, the terms AdWords and AdSense have made and created a relative impact in the eye of online business marketers and business leaders.  Most of the strategies and plans that involve product marketing, Google’s AdSense and AdWords are two of the choices that come into the scene. However, not majority of people in the marketing field are fully aware of the capabilities and features that AdSense and AdWords have that made them the initial choices.  

AdWords by Google is a rather inexpensive advertising tool.  This is the simple and fast way to buy relatively high in rate to be targeted for the cost per click advertisement.  AdWords are the advertisements that are displayed when the Google search engine yields the search results.  These are also the advertisements that are placed along some of the well-visited and high-ranking websites like America Online and Blogger, to name a few.  This works by choosing the right keyword that when a web visitor uses this keyword, the advertisement that you have will pop-up along with the keyword that you have chosen.  

AdSense by Google on the other hand is the easy and less complicated way for website owners to place and expose their pertinent and appealing AdWords advertisements on their own website and from there can earn money for every click that the Adword ad has earned.  This is done by maximizing the presence of your website and its content on every page results that the search engine yields.  

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