How are most ITIL e-learning programs delivered?

If you’ve been considering undertaking one of the highly valuable and affordable ITIL certification programs which are offered by The Art of Service you probably have a few questions.  

Most of the people who seem to be “on the fence” about jumping into an ITIL certification program tend to be confused about exactly how the courses are delivered, which is often the source of their hesitation.   This little primer will help you understand how these quality ITIL products are delivered, and perhaps why you need to consider them, especially if you are an IT professional.  The following example will underline some of the problems associated with non e-learning methods (of attaining supplementary professional development certification).

Picture if you will, an average IT worker, we’ll call this person “Andy”.  Andy is likely working at least 40 hours per week (full time) with overtime and weekends being on the table as well.  In addition to this full work load, Andy also has a mélange of other commitments to deal with, including relationships; BFF’s, Family, perhaps even children and a spouse are all vying for Andy’s attention.  The point is, Andy is very busy, and it’s amazing that this individual has the energy and time to get things done.  Now, try to factor or fit a series of classroom-based professional development courses into that situation.  Even if Andy is able to somehow fit these physical courses into their schedule, one or more areas of their life are likely to slip or suffer, right?   The best solution for this type of situation is digitally delivered e-learning, especially if the certification is in ITIL.

Through ITIL e-learning, Andy will be able to study whenever it is convenient, and perhaps maintain the delicate schedule balance that they have worked so hard to maintain.  

Now that we have a better solution for attaining additional professional development certification(s) in our sights, let’s go back to address our original concerns:

How is an e-learning program (in ITIL) actually delivered?
The products available through are essentially delivered over the internet.  Some products however do include physical texts which one may use in addition to digital ones.  Once you pay the paltry fee for the course you may have a limited window of time to complete your study and training.  However, this does not imply that time is limited, most ITIL courses offered give students multiple months of 24/7 access.

Is the quality of ITIL e-learning up to standards?  
Some individuals tend to be apprehensive about e-learning simply because it is essentially an internet-based service.  Rest assured, the programs offered by The Art of Service are / have been designed by industry experts who not only have inside knowledge with regards to what you need to know to pass your certification exam, but also your career.  In fact, many individuals report that they retain a greater deal of information from ITIL e-learning than they have from comparable classroom situations.

What format do most ITIL e-learning programs come in?  
As previously mentioned, ITIL e-learning programs are delivered digitally, via the net, but it’s also important to note that study materials are often transported in PDF format.  Some programs might have supplementary interactive portions which are accessed online or perhaps even physical textbooks for those who prefer them.  What you have to remember is that these course materials have been optimized for view and access on virtually any device you can think of, this includes PC’s, Mac’s, Tablets, Laptops, and even Smartphones.  ITIL e-learning through truly epitomizes the concept of “study wherever, whenever you want”.

While it might sound somewhat cliché to say that ITIL certification will lead to better jobs and pay, which is actually the truth.  In the IT industry, employers are scrambling to have their long-term employees certified in a variety of supplementary disciplines, ITIL being one of them.  By the same token, those who are currently hiring are expecting to see some reference to ITIL certification (or at the very least, training) on one’s resume’.  Through the process of studying ITIL and becoming certified in it, you will gain a better understanding of a whole new world of top-notch methodologies.  Furthermore, from an employer’s standpoint, you will become a more highly sought-after commodity.

An ITIL certification package from is not only budget-friendly; it will completely surpass your other choices in terms of total value and place you on the “certification highway”.  If you’re looking for a certification course that covers the most recent version / release of ITIL (2011), then look no further – ITIL 2011 certification package.

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